Meet our spirit animal: Ocho!

Spotluck has always embodied food, fun, and local.  As we strive to live by those three simple words, we wanted to make sure our app reflected that. So, what did we do? We listened to our hearts.  


What did we hear?

Deciding where to eat should never be so serious. You'll notice a new guide to help bring the fun back.  Introducing: Ocho! Spot him in the app as he guides you to your next delicious meal. Also, we made a couple of other changes for the good of your appetite.  

Delicious results ahead

Spin to see what hotspot you'll land on, and other tasty neighborhood options in a quick list view.


Spin every neighborhood

With a simple swipe, switch neighborhoods and take another spin. You'll have more hotspots to choose from!


Map that

If you loved our original map view, it's back! Zoom in and out, or just use our handy drop down list for a birds-eye view of everywhere you could dine.


It's getting hotttt in here!

After spinning your favorite neighborhoods, just check out the hotspots section to see what you landed on today.