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What do over 1,500 independent restaurants love about Spotluck?

  • First month free
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Real-time ROI
  • Impactful and actionable data analytics
  • GPS-Verified Reviews and direct response features
  • Smart Incentives to attract fresh faces
  • Loyalty to increase frequency

Check out what your neighbors have to say


"As a local restaurant owner, getting my name out there can be tough, especially with chain restaurants spending millions of dollars on marketing. This is where Spotluck comes in to help. They do such a great job getting my brand out in the neighborhood while giving locals a fun way to support their community" 

- Gregg Lapenna, A Whales Tale, Long Beach, NY


“Spotluck is awesome. In my tenure as a restaurant and bar owner, I’ve seen all the apps. I’ve seen so many come, and so many go. Spotluck has become a true partner to all of our venues, and to so many other local venues. They’re not only a great app, they’re truly a part of the culture. We hope to work with them for many years to come!”

- Scott Parker, A-Town, Barley Mac, Don Tito, Don Taco, The GOAT, Arlington, VA


“Having a mobile presence and being able to reach hungry diners quickly is imperative in this day and age, so having Spotluck is a great marketing arm for my business.  I really appreciate Spotluck’s model to bring more eyes to the local restaurant scene and help fill more tables. When folks are trying to figure out where to eat, it's great to know Spotluck is out there trying to get my brand front and center. Since we started with Spotluck we've noticed new faces and customers coming in, trying us for the first time. So far it's been an awesome partnership with Spotluck and I look forward to future success.”

- David M. Dietz, BBC Tavern and Grill, Wilmington, DE


"I cant believe how many customers it has drawn in to our establishment already. It's only been about a week and the feedback from our customers and staff have been nothing but positive!"

- Jacinta Ingream, Barefoot Bernie's, Hagerstown, MD