WTOP: Spotluck watches the weather, expands to Philadelphia

Spotluck has been watching the weather for two years now in the DC-area. Smart technology allows Spotluckers to save more when it's raining. We recently expanded to Philadelphia, using the same weather-watching algorithms in The City of Brotherly Love. Listen below to hear Jeff Clabaugh's interview with Spotluck CEO, Cherian Thomas.

Want more information? Click here and read the full article on WTOP's website! 

Foodie And The Beast

If you were still fast asleep on Sunday morning and missed Spotluck’s debut on talk radio, have no fear! Foodie And The Beast featured Managing Director, Dave Moran, from Clyde’s Restaurant Group; Proprietor, Claudia Rivas, and Executive Chef, Brad Race, from Claudia’s Steakhouse; Beverage Director, Tom Kahoe, from Nage; and our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Cherian! 

Cherian sat down with Foodie And The Beast’s David and Nycci Nellis to chat about how the app connects users to awesome local spots. Not only does Spotluck bring yield management to the restaurant space, but it also helps Spotluckers discover delicious local spots across the city. 

You can hear a recap of Spotluck’s visit to the Foodie And The Beast studio, and more about how the app works below.