Spotluck Spotlight

Spotluck Spotlight: Me Jana

Me Jana

Remember in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the mother tells the vegetarian son-in-law “You no eat no meat??? That’s okay I make lamb.” We get it now. We’ve compiled what you NEED to try at Me Jana, including their famous lamb chops! 


Baba Ghannouj

Smoked eggplant is pureed with tahini in this smooth dip. The tangy flavor perfectly complements the warm, charred pita and makes a perfect meal starter for the whole table. 


Seared Halloumi

The seared halloumi cheese is a standout on the appetizer menu. It’s lightly bronzed and served with poached pears and dates on the top. 


Grape Leaves

Me Jana’s grape leaves are cooked very slowly to keep them super tender. The spices inside are mixed with tomatoes and chopped Vidalia onion to give the rice great flavor. 


Lahem Be-Ajeen

If you love the fresh charred pita here, we highly recommend the Lahem Be-Ajeen. A thin pita bread topped with ground lamb and sliced beef that’s been slow-cooked in a bouquet of Lebanese spices and pomegranate molasses. Wow. 


Lamb chops

Marinated...grilled to perfection…and served with a unique parsley onion salad and potatoes. That whipped cream-looking stuff on the side of the plate? Me Jana’s signature garlic sauce. Dip everything in reach in this sauce; we promise, the only ones who will regret it are any lingering vampires in a 10-mile radius.



Finish your meal with a traditional Lebanese dessert. This silky milk pudding is served with bananas, strawberries, and a crisp piece of filo on top for dipping. Topped with honey and pistachios, this makes the perfect palate cleanser and after-dinner treat. 


Come in and grab some delicious Lebanese food. And while you're at it, don't forget to say hi to Yousef, his son Joseph, and the entire Me Jana staff! The first to land on Me Jana will get a delicious meal on us, so get spinnin'! 


Me Jana
2300 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 465-4440

About Spotluck:

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Spotluck Spotlight: Villain & Saint


Villain & Saint

Villain & Saint didn’t take long settling in to the Bethesda music and food scene. Stop in on any given weekday or weekend night and you’ll probably get treated to a live performance up on their stage. 

Our favorite part of Villain & Saint (besides the signed Aerosmith guitar hanging on the wall, of course) is their creative menu offering villainously good food that may just help you keep that saintly figure. On the “Villain” side are classics like ribs, cheeseburgers, fries, and chili. Balancing it out on the “Saint” side are some lighter options such as burrata, beet salad, and their infamous zucchini pancakes. 


We’ve compiled some of the must-haves when you stop by this Bethesda spot:


Zucchini Pancakes

You’re looking at one of the most delicious ‘vegetables’ you’ll ever have. Thin zucchini pancakes are fried to perfection and topped with sliced granny smith apples, smoked salmon, and a chive crème fraîche. And it counts as your serving of veggies, right?


Salt Roasted Beets 

This might actually count as vegetables, but it’s equally delicious. If you’re a beet fan, order this refreshing salad. Both red and golden beets, avocado, pickled onions, and some spices are served on a bed of homemade hummus. 


Farmhouse Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a staple everywhere, but these are unlike any you’ve ever had. In addition to the filling, they are topped with onions, salami, feta cheese, and a basil vinaigrette. Deviled eggs are now officially acceptable to order for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.


Saint Louis Slow Smoked Pork Ribs

These are slathered in Villain & Saint’s very own BBQ sauce, and are slow roasted for hours on the smoker. They don’t steal the show entirely though thanks to the baked beans and homemade coleslaw on the side. Of course, finished with a basket of fries (nothing wrong with that). 

No reason to drive a few hours to catch a good show; stop in Villain & Saint and hang with these guys to make your bellies and ears happy at the same time! 


For a full performance schedule, check their website.


Villain & Saint
7141 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
 (240) 800-4700


Spotluck Spotlight: Urban Heights

Urban Heights

Softshell crabs, the ocean, and that big yellow, red, and black flag might be things you associate with Maryland. But new kid on the block, Urban Heights, is adding Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisine to that list here in Bethesda. The upbeat, modern restaurant has plenty of patio space and a third floor deck that is perfect for summer dining or happy hour cocktails. 

We had a chance to sample some of the pan-asian cuisine, and we have to say, we’re ready to switch to the dark side.

These are the must-haves we recommend for your next visit!  


Chicken Adobo Sliders

Indulge in these crispy chicken bites smothered in sauce and perched on mini buns (of course, served with a side of spicy mayo).


Pork Belly Bites

Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, these pork belly bites will just melt in your mouth. 


Duck Rolls

Shredded duck meat and soft wraps contrast with tangy hoisin sauce and crunchy fresh vegetables to make up this delicious dish.


Banh Mi

A tasty variation of this classic Vietnamese sandwich is paired with paper-thin fried lotus root chips.

Urban Heights Beef

Tender beef, fresh sprouts and a variety of veggies are simmered in a delicious broth.


Urban Heights
7940 Norfolk Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
 (301) 312-8282