Introducing Spotluck Doylestown


Taverns and restaurants are the fabric of small town USA. Just ask the Doyle family, who built an inn & tavern on the corner of main street in 1745. A town that was built around a tavern? Cheers to that! 

Welcome 10 Tasty, New Restaurants:

About: Spotluck is a free mobile app that works with 900+ local restaurants. We help hungry diners find delicious, local restaurants, save money, and decide where to eat.

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Welcome Spotluck Washington Township


We've broke ground in New Jersey! Across the river from Philly, Washington Township is a historic city that's been growing and thriving since the 1800s. Once home to over 200 farms and historical sites like Olde Stone House, local businesses have always been a crucial part of the economy here. Help us welcome this brand new Hub (and state!) by visiting these 10 delicious, new Spots: