Döner Bistro

Spotluck Spotlight: Döner Bistro

Döner? What the heck is that? According to Döner Bistro's website: 

"The Döner Kebab (meaning “turning meat”) is a traditional Turkish dish served with rice on a platter. In the 1970’s, a Turkish entrepreneur in Germany altered this dish by stuffing the Döner meat into a flatbread with salad and sauce.

This form better suited the German taste and hectic lifestyle, and its popularity quickly spread from Germany throughout Europe into Australia, Canada and across the world."

The Döner became a staple for Germans, and Döner Bistro has high hopes for it to become popular in the US.  They started out as a food truck, and now have permanent locations around the DC area.  Frederick is one of the few lucky spots, and they will be opening up a location in Adams Morgan soon.

Besides the Döner, they also have other european dishes and a great selection of beer. One reviewer said, "...The food was delicious and extremely authentic, and that is in total agreement with my husband, who is a native German."

So, take a spin by Döner Bistro and see what the Döner is all about!

Döner Bistro
50 Carrol Creek Way #110
Frederick, MD 21701

(301) 624-2424

Mon.: 11am – 9pm 
Tue. – Thur.: 11am – 10pm (Winter: 9pm)
Fri. & Sat.: 11am – 11pm
Sun.: 11am – 9pm
(Winter hours October through March)