Spotluck Williamsport


Why do we love Williamsport?

People may think that the best thing that came out of Williamsport is the Little League World Series, but we disagree. We think it's Dillon & Josh. 

Dillon (left) heads up our sales department and Josh (right) is our Director of the Philly area. They've worked hard to bring Spotluck to their hometown, Williamsport. We're proud to introduce 17 new restaurants in this special town. Check 'em out below & plan your weekend getaway!


We're PUMPED to announce our newest Hub

Richmond's anything but "short" on unbelievable local restaurants. We've pumped out 13 new spots to spin & save at!  Take a spin this weekend and be the first to try these hidden gems:


Spotluck Launches Newark


Newark, DE

Three little birds told us about the Blue Hens and sales-tax-free living, and we just couldn't resist. We're excited to call Newark the home of our newest hub!

 Newark was home to a multi-million-square-foot factory originally constructed to build tanks for the U.S. Army, and later producing more than 7 million Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth cars. In fact, some were even built by reggae star, Bob Marley when he worked as an assembly line worker at Chrysler.

Will you (or someone you know!) be in Newark soon? Check out these amazing spots:


Introducing Forest Hills


Now that concert season is over, here's another reason to visit Forest Hills!

This Queens Blvd hotspot is home to the infamous Forest Hills Stadium, the cozy Station Square area, and a growing crew of local restaurants up and down Austin St. See which spots have found a home in our Spotluck community...


*Our lawyers told us we couldn't use a picture of the Forest Hills Stadium, so we used this crosswalk, which could lead to the stadium, instead. 

Spotluck Launches in Wilmington, DE


Introducing 15 new restaurants in...

Wilmington, DE

Delaware was the First State in the Union, which means the great people of Delaware have been plagued by deciding where to eat for longer than any other Americans. So, we've worked some Spotluck magic and ratified our first Delaware hub.

The first 10 diners in Wilmington to mention "LAUNCH" in their restaurant review will automatically win a $25 gift card. Need we say more!? Get spinning & explore these tasty, new spots: