Celebrate The 8

8 is a very special number. A cube has 8 vertices... our Sun has 8 planets (Sorry, Pluto. We still love you.)... Mario Kart has 8 racers... and for us, our wheel has 8 beloved Spots.

So you can see, the world would be a flat, lonely and boring place without the number 8. On this annual holiday, 8/8, we’re offering you an $88 date if you share Spotluck with 8 friends. Here’s how to play:

  1. Tell 8 local friends to download Spotluck on iPhone or Android within the next 8 days.
  2. Ask them to use your promo code when they sign up.
  3. Get $88.

Easy, right? Simply spread the word using the Share With Friends tab of the app. 
Thanks for helping us spread our tentacles! 

For official rules, click here.


Hi. You can call me, Tom.