Meet Bethesda's Newest Spot: Duck Duck Goose


Chef Ashish Alfred is at it again with the area's newest restaurant: Duck Duck Goose. The Bethesda restaurateur opened his second restaurant this weekend, and we have your behind-the-scenes look!


Chef Alfred grew up in Montgomery County, and trained as a chef in Manhattan before returning to Bethesda to open his own spot. When Alfred started conceptualizing Duck Duck Goose, the trendy Lower East Side vibe definitely stood as an inspiration. Alfred describes Duck Duck Goose as a "french-inspired restaurant that doesn't take itself too seriously." Locals can come in for a quick bite, cocktail, or a full meal. You can expect high quality food and top-notch service with the same reasonable prices you'd see at any neighborhood joint. 


"DDG is largely inspired by my time living in the West Village. One thing I loved about those restaurants is they weren't defined by their address," Alfred said. And that's the cool thing about DDG: there isn't any restaurant like it in Bethesda. The space is intimate and relaxed, with an open kitchen and a playful bar area.


The creative space is echoed by an innovative and ever-changing seasonal menu. Of course, duck is one of the restaurant's star dishes. "Coming up with a really good duck dish was intimidating to say the least," Alfred shares. But after a wildly popular launch weekend, we'd say he nailed it.


You can tell the huge amount of thought that went into every aspect of this Spot from the menu, to the decor, to the seasonal cocktail list. The old fashioned served with candied duck bacon is a perfect example of a playful twist you can expect on classic dishes and drinks.

Stop in this week, and enjoy a free cocktail at duck duck goose just for being a spotlucker!

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Duck Duck Goose
7929 Norfolk Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814


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