Spotluck Spotlight: A-Town


As soon as A-Town opened in 2012, it became an insant Arlington classic - Heck it even shares the same name! From tasty bar food to specialty sushi, A-Town has plenty of must-try items on their menu. Check some fan favorites out below: 


Coconut Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders are the perfect mix of savory and sweet. Breaded chicken in crispy coconut, fried to perfection, and dipped in spicy mayo sauce to put a zing on the sweetness. Yum!


Mac N' Cheese Bites

If you get comfort food cravings, these Mac N’ Cheese Bites are an A-Town classic – deep-fried macaroni and cheese with marinara dipping sauce. Let’s just say your childhood self would be pretty jealous.


Mix! Volcano Roll

We like to call the Mix! Volcano Roll the lasagna of sushi. These delicious shrimp tempura rolls are filled with huge avocado chunks, topped off with crunchy Tobiko and crabmeat, and adorned with eel sauce for a tad of sweetness.


Mini Lobster & Crab Cakes with Papaya Chutney

These cute little lobster and crab cakes are crazy good. The cakes are perched on top of papaya chutney with corn, carrots, peas, and peppers dressed in a light vinaigrette. Dip ‘em in the mayo sauce if you want, but they’re juicy and moist without it too!


Fish & Chips

There’s nothing wrong with ordering some old fashioned Fish & Chips. The fish is covered in a light and crispy batter that doesn’t overpower the tender, fresh meat inside (a rare balance!). It’s served up with an order of A-Town’s signature Old Bay seasoned fries, of course.


A-Town Giant Burger

This huge 'giant buger' is no joke. With two beef patties, cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon, and a beer battered onion ring, this burger makes you think you might need to wait until next week to get your cholesterol checked. Cooked to perfection and dripping with delicious juices, this burger is a must-try item on the A-Town menu.


Signature Deep Fried Desserts

We like to call A-Town’s signature deep fried desserts adult candy. Choose from deep fried Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or Oreos. Melt in your mouth candy is deep fried and topped with ice cream. We don’t think anything gets better than that!


4100 Fairfax Drive
Arlington VA 22203
(703) 991-4687

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